Safari camp!

Finally I got to go to a safari camp! Sue and Irene was going last weekend and on Tuesday it was me and Wasa’s turn :). The project is working together with six safari companies.The staff gets free homeopathic healthcare and the volunteers get free trip, food and accomodation! (and sometimes they take us out on some activity if we’re not busy with patients). These are top rage safari camps! We’re talking at least 1000 US dollar a night…We got out in one of the mini planessafari camp! 112 and I saw some elephant herds from the sky. On the way to camp, a 45 min trip by car, we saw baboons, impalas, kudus, zebras, elephant with baby! I really felt I was out in the REAL Botswana! (the driver was busy driving so no photos unfortunately).

Got a warm welcome at the camp! All staff was very friendly and service minded. Before we got down to work we got to go to our “rooms” ( a wooden little house I would call it..) and as I was unpacking a saw a beautiful male giraffe outside by my pool safari camp! 004 I just HAD to take a little dip before lunch to enjoy the smashing pool, it’s water and  amazing scenery.Here I am pointing at the giraffe,  you can’t really tell that he`s there but he is! safari camp! 016

It was nice to hear that they have been looking forward to see us again! After a tasty lunch we got off to work. We started quite late but got to see 9 patients, finished at 8.00 pm. It was a variety of chronic and acute patients. I have discovered that the most challenging patients is young men..It`s not always easy to prescribe when they prescribe their pain as…”just pain”…And I ask them to describe it more; “it`s painful”….Got a wonderful three cours meal that evening with a constant refill of wine also, he,he…By 9.30pm there was heavy thunder and lightning and the sky opened. After a interesting, wet walk back to our huts I ran a hot bath with bath salt. openened the curtaints so I could lie in bath and look at the lightning from my bathtub. I felt like a queen in that place! It was sooo fabulous. Even the soap impressed me.safari camp! 034They had both outdoor and indoor showers! Had to try them all for the hell of it!safari camp! 001safari camp! 005After a  relaxing night I woke up by some one running on my roof…I got out and here is what I saw. Vervet monkeys! safari camp! 031 I sat down wathing them for a while, curious little   things!safari camp! 042

We only had time for one more patient before heading off to the next camp. It was also very nice. In stead of gold, black and dark wood interiour these had pink, light green and white. safari camp! 053safari camp! 111safari camp! 052safari camp! 083That camp had a little lake in front of it with two hippo sisters and a baby (and a big crocodile..)It was not as busy there. Only two patients. BUT one of the guys in the staff; Mot,said he could take us out on a game drive! OH YES! “I want to see a cat” I said. It is very rare to see those as they are nocturnal. We got too see a lot of animals! Many, many elephants! ( Botswana has the biggest population of elephants in the world!) impalas, giraffes, wart hogs ( Hello Pumba! Hope to see your friend Timon one day also….), one wild beest, kudus, lots of hippos in a lake, one of “the ugly five”; the marabou stork, zebras, other antilopes and birds.safari camp! 072 I sat in the safari truck hoping for CAT…Come kitty, kitty…and he did…All of a sudden a male leopard was strolling around…YES! He had just had a meal so he was relaxed and tired. He laid down in the grass. We where about 7 meters from him!

Beautiful! safari camp! 064I was very happy! We had a drink at sundown hoping to see hyenas but they were shy that evening.safari camp! 082safari camp! 075They were no flights out on Thursday so we had to stay another night. We could relax and I did some reading. Finished “The no.1 ladie’s detective agency” and got pretty far into a homeopathic book about eczema. As I was reading I looked up and saw a elephant walking towards my tent..”Shall I bee scared now”?, I thought…I was inside but it’s only nets as windows and he was a big one.. Tried to get some good pictures but I did’nt want to upset him. Called Wasa and told him I had a elephant by my pool so he came over. We sat and watched him for at least half an hour.safari camp! 095

That was that days action! We got a afternoon flight back yesterday and I think I saw the same elephant from the sky, not far from were he had been the day before. I promised myself I will never forget about those camps. I probably will never afford that luxury again in my life. If I don’t get to go to another camp during my stay in Maun Homeopathy Project there is!

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